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Basic Anatomy, Alignment and Modifications of over 34 poses

  • 5 Routines from the Yoga ah system
  • Primary Series
  • Modified Primary
  • Bottle Rocket 1 and 2
  • Rocket Sequencing 1,2,3
  • You will focus on teaching Modified Primary and Bottle Rocket; these routines can be modified and adapted for many levels of students


  • Yoga Sutras
  • Eight limbs
  • Krishnamacharya
  • Pattabi Jois
  • Mysore Palace
  • Yoga as medicine
  • Larry Schultz – American yoga instructor

The Principles of Yoga: Ujjayi Breath, Bandhas & Drishtis

  • Ujjayi breath and exercises
  • Mantra
  • Bandhas
  • Mula bandha
  • Uddiyana Bandha
  • Jalandara Bandha
  • Prana
  • Nadis
  • Nine Drishtis

The Art of Sun-Salutes

  • Surya Namaskara A and B
  • Modifications
  • Benefits
  • Hands and Feet
  • Intro to scripting

Standing Poses

  • Standing Poses of Primary Series sequencing
  • Bottle Rocket standing sequencing
  • Modifications
  • Benefits
  • Scripting

Finding Your Voice

  • Inner Teacher vs. Inner Guru
  • Three Verbal Adjustments
  • Speaking out loud
  • How to set up a room and create a mood

Seated Poses

  • Primary Series
  • Modified Primary
  • Bottle Rocket
  • Benefits
  • Seated vinyasa
  • Introduction to inversions

The Science of Sequencing

  • Poses and counter poses (pratikriya)
  • Modifications and hands-on adjustments
  • Look at different routines
  • How to put together a class

The Business of Yoga

  • Marketing tips
  • Where and who to instruct
  • Creating


In addition to classes, you'll be required to:

  • observe 8 classes during the course
  • keep a practice log
  • keep a yoga journal
  • complete written work from manual
  • write a script for Modified Primary Series
  • make flash cards for 34 poses
  • instruct Sun Salutes to a real class
  • instruct the full MPS out-loud to your peers
  • assist in 3 classes with adjustments
Often people walk into It’s Yoga with worry, stress and tiredness written all over their faces but when they leave, they show the effects of Ashtanga Yoga: they feel better and look better, lighter, freer, more relaxed and energized. This is why to me, teaching Ashtanga Yoga is a kind of self-realization; every time I lead class I, as a teacher, grow and express the insights of my own yoga. I see people take in the practice from various angles and develop, change and transcend their limitations, realize their possibilities.

In Memoriam: Larry Schultz, YogaDragonden (1950-2011)