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New to Yoga?

If you are new to yoga you may feel overwhelmed choosing a studio. Many choose a studio based on location, what is closest to you. Yoga ah is an Ashtanga studio. Many yogis interested in yoga ask what is the difference between hot and Ashtanga Yoga? In Ashtanga Yoga we are using our ujjai breath and our core to create internal heat, as practiced in India. In hot yoga the room is usually heated and you begin to feel an outside experience making you sweat. At Yoga ah we encourage all yogis to build heat from within as a powerful tool to taping into your inner teacher. Yoga ah also offers routines or sequences of yoga poses in all of our classes, in practicing this way you can create consistency to improve your practice. Yoga ah is also a training school, meaning we train yoga instructors, this makes us a learning center for yoga. 


Our studio was created with a vision of It's Yoga San Francisco in mind. In the year 2000 it was bustling with yogis of all levels coming together to share the practice. We learned to check our ego at the door and open ourselves up for the deeper teachings of yoga. All levels of yogis practice together in a safe and fun environment.

If you are new to the practice and want to take a class or our interested in becoming trained as an instructor you should come check us out. We have been doing this for awhile with over 14 years of experience in running a studio and training teachers. We are also in the process of training yoga instructors to lead and assist with our teacher training programs.


Often people walk into It’s Yoga with worry, stress and tiredness written all over their faces but when they leave, they show the effects of Ashtanga Yoga: they feel better and look better, lighter, freer, more relaxed and energized. This is why to me, teaching Ashtanga Yoga is a kind of self-realization; every time I lead class I, as a teacher, grow and express the insights of my own yoga. I see people take in the practice from various angles and develop, change and transcend their limitations, realize their possibilities.

In Memoriam: Larry Schultz, YogaDragonden (1950-2011)