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The Dolphin

The Dolphin is one of the foundation poses in a Rocket Yoga Class. It provides the building blocks necessary for headstand, elbow stand and over all upper body strength. All Rocket classes at Yoga ah include 3 dolphin poses as you gain strength you can begin to practice more advanced variations of the pose by lifting your feet off the ground. Notice the gaze is at the thumbs this allows you to keep your head high off the floor. Core is drawn in and breath is strong.


Often people walk into It’s Yoga with worry, stress and tiredness written all over their faces but when they leave, they show the effects of Ashtanga Yoga: they feel better and look better, lighter, freer, more relaxed and energized. This is why to me, teaching Ashtanga Yoga is a kind of self-realization; every time I lead class I, as a teacher, grow and express the insights of my own yoga. I see people take in the practice from various angles and develop, change and transcend their limitations, realize their possibilities.

In Memoriam: Larry Schultz, YogaDragonden (1950-2011)